On September 7 2017, the OLCM conducted a memorial mass at Seva Kendra, Our Lady of Salvation Church in memory of one of our beloved OLCM members, Mr. Anand Castelino. Anand has been associated with the OLCM years apart from being active on many other associations in the Church. Mr. Anand Castelino passed away suddenly on 18th August 2017 due to a sudden heart attack.

Fr. Jervis D’Souza and Fr. Aniceto Pereira concelebrated the Mass which was attended by OLCM members, IMFE Alumni and members of Anand’s family. Fr. Jervis spoke of how Anand was a befitting example of a ‘Life That Matters.’ Post the Mass, Fr Aniceto presented a momento to Anand’s wife, Ms. Mila Castelino. Fr. Aniceto, Adrian Rozario, Maxima Serrao spoke about their memories of Anand and the highlights of his life and more about his immense contribution to the OLCM and the Church at large. A presentation expressing the sentiments of other OLCM members for Anand was shared with all.

Sr Aruna, sister of Anand expressed her gratitude to the OLCM and to all those present for conducting this service.