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Office For Lay Collaboration In Ministry

The lay apostolate, individual or collective, must be set in its true place within the apostolate of the whole Church. Union with those whom the Holy Spirit has appointed to rule the Church of God (cf.acts 20:28) is an essential element of the Christian Apostolate. Not less necessary is the collaboration among the different undertakings of the apostolate; it is the hierarchy’s place to put proper system into this collaboration. (AA,23) -Vatican II Decree on the Laity.

Spiritual Director's Message

The month of October in the Church has a focus on “Mission”, and “Mission Sunday”. The Church is missionary by nature, and she invites everyone to be engaged in God’s mission.

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OLCM News Desk

IMFE Alumni Meet

The IMFE (Institute for Ministry of Faith Enrichment) is a course that has groomed enthusiastic Catholic individuals from almost all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Bombay for the past 18 years, to be effective coordinators of different ministries and associations....

OLCl Training Sessions July to September 2017

Every year OLCM conducts various training sessions across all Deaneries in Mumbai. 2017 midyear topic was ‘BREAKING BARRIERS TO BUILD BRIDGES - A Call to Encounter and Embrace the Poor’.  The topic was carefully planned following the message from His Holiness Pope...

Remembering Anand

  On September 7 2017, the OLCM conducted a memorial mass at Seva Kendra, Our Lady of Salvation Church in memory of one of our beloved OLCM members, Mr. Anand Castelino. Anand has been associated with the OLCM years apart from being active on many other associations...

Meditation for the Day

Many Cultures, One Church

From our perspective today, we can see that the early missionaries of California were often too immersed in their own European culture to clearly see the richness of the culture they were entering. Unfortunately, evangelization was at times…

Why Do We Spend Time with Jesus?

God is never bound by what we do, even when done out of love for him. We should undertake the things we do for God simply because we must, period. I spend time with Jesus each day not because of how it makes me feel (sometimes I really do n…

Saint of the Day

Saint John of the Cross

Image: Saint John of the Cross | Diego de Sanabria | photo by igH09d8z-bGi8g at Google Cultural Institute

Saint John of the Cross
Saint of the Day for December 14
(June 24, 1541 – December 14, 1591)