The OLCM core team conducted sessions for the Orients at St Pius Seminary, Goregaon on 6th November 2017 on Spirituality Of The Laity

.Adrian Rosario took the first session on ‘A Lay Man And His Vocation’. For a lay man to   do everything “in the name of the Lord” poses problems in specific ways, especially in contemporary culture. In this session, through an in-depth testimony, Adrian illustrated the typical struggles of a lay man to regulate his family and career responsibilities and issues as a response to God’s call. He also shared his own personal spiritual journey.

Rohini D’Souza took the next session on ‘A Lay Woman And Her Vocation’. Lay women, because of the nature of womanhood, experience life’s challenges in a specific manner, and are challenged to face them in a way that is different for men. Once again, through a detailed personal testimony, Rohini explained the struggles of lay women to regulate family and career as a response to God’s call. She also shared her spiritual journey and how the vocation of being a women and a mother means to her.

The third session was on Laity-Clergy Collaboration: Women’s Perspective. As the clerical state is reserved to men, their collaboration with lay women becomes a specific arena of gender relations. In this session Rohini helped the Orients examine the boundaries within which an optimum amount of collaboration can be experienced between women and the clergy by discussing relevant case scenarios

Melwyn Sequeira conducted the last and final session on Parish Council: Forum For Laity Clergy Collaboration. The Parish is an excellent locus of the collaboration between the clergy and the lay faithful, and the Parish Council remains the special forum in which this collaboration is regulated. Melwyn helped the Orients look into the dynamics playing out in the functioning of the Parish Council which serves as a good barometer to judge the level of collaboration between the clergy and the laity. He also spoke of his own personal experiences and current challenges faced in various parishes in this regard.