The IMFE: Institute for Ministry of Faith Enrichment – A Graduate Course for Lay Ministries

Official designation as “Lay Ministers” is given only to those who have graduated from the one-year intense course for ministry, the IMFE. This Course, having as its vision “Excellence in Ministry”, is coordinated by the OLCM by networking with Professors of theology and the human sciences, and graduates on an average 24 candidates each year. It has these unique features:

  • The IMFE is done by lay leaders of all ministries, reflecting together on their leadership roles in particular ministries as well as the need for communion of all ministries.
  • The IMFE Candidates are senior lay leaders with considerable experience of their own ministries as well as an under-graduate certification in their particular ministries.
  • The IMFE Course content ensures a thorough exposure to the theology of ministry and the human sciences needed for leadership in ministry.
  • The IMFE Practicum component ensures that Candidates are helped in 360 degree appraisals, as well as the guidance of a mentor and a group of colleagues.


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