The IMFE (Institute for Ministry of Faith Enrichment) is a course that has groomed enthusiastic Catholic individuals from almost all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Bombay for the past 18 years, to be effective coordinators of different ministries and associations. Saturday, 30th September this year, it was a delightful pleasure to encounter the alumni at the Salvation Seva Kendra Hall, Dadar.

The event was hosted with aplomb by Trudy and Alwyn Dantis. This year’s keynote address was delivered by Fr. Nigel Barrett, Director of the Catholic Communication Centre, Archdiocese of Bombay, who presented Jesus as the Greatest Teacher and Mass Communicator as he spoke on ‘Using Social Media for the Glory of God’. He made us aware of our roles as the media of Jesus’ communication, and invited us to put every possible tool to use to ensure that the voice of Truth is heard. He challenged us to be ‘E-Curators’, taking responsibility for what we ‘forward’, thus using media effectively and efficiently in society, and ‘E-Soldiers’ – communicating the message of Hope, Faith and Love to all people. He enlightened us about the Church’s outreach to individuals of all faiths, using actual happenings and inspiring events, helping them realize their dreams and goals in life. He also made us aware of the many lay persons involved in these ventures. He invited us to Make a Difference and Be the Change that we want to see in Society.

This was followed by a lively game session animated by the OLCM members; the game had everyone brushing up their musical intelligence in joyful cheer, as they hummed or sang the songs of the tunes played out for them. Fr Aniceto Pereira, former Director of OLCM, shared his recent experiences in Rome and asked the IMFE alumni to pray for our seminarians and priests.

The 18th IMFE Batch (that graduated in 2017) then conducted a prayer service, stirring a call in all those present to be Effective Communicators. There was a symbolic representation of the Church on which each of the alumni placed an icon of social media, resolving to communicate a message of Hope to the world. The prayer service ended with the singing of the IMFE Theme Song, as all present were determined to take Christ’s Healing to the Nations, and Stretch His Hand throughout Creation with the Message of His Love.

Ms. Marie Fernandes proposed the Vote of Thanks, acknowledging the efforts of all those who had contributed to the success of the event. The alumni enthusiastically bonded over a sumptuous lunch and looked forward to meeting again.

Monica Rodrigues