About Us

The Synod of the Archdiocese of Bombay (2001) mandated that the Office for Lay Collaboration in Ministry (OLCM) be established (cf PSD No.56) in order to foster the collaboration of the lay faithful, with ordained ministers, in the mission of the Church. Hence, since 2004 the OLCM has created a core team of lay persons, under the leadership of a Priest, in order to analyze the opportunities for lay persons to collaborate with ordained ministers at leadership levels, animate them to serve effectively, and offer opportunities for training for ministry.

faithThe OLCM has therefore opted to work, not at the grass root level of the common lay person, but with those in leadership in the various Cells, Associations, Movements and Groups in parishes and institutions. The OLCM has taken care to distinguish the “Cells” which are established by the church for implementing its pastoral agenda, from the “Associations” which are formed by the free initiative of the lay faithful with ecclesiastical approval.

The lay Leaders of both, Cells and Associations, are the prime concern of the OLCM, and over the years a strategy has been develop to animate their ministry effectively.

It must be said that the objectives for which the OLCM has been established in this Archdiocese, have begun to be achieved. The ground has been well prepared, and the seed has been sown. With the Lord’s blessings, a rich harvest of dedicated, capable and enterprising lay people will be gathered for the Archdiocese