The OLCM Training at our Parish was held on 21st July, 2016 with 45 representatives from the Cells and Associations attending.

Melwyn and Reuben from the OLCM conducted the training for us. Melwyn explained the difference between ‘Hierarchical’ and ‘Charismatic’ gifts. The group discussion based on the recent recognition of ‘Jesus Youth’ as an Association was thought provoking and helped us understand the importance of these gifts.  The explanation of the definition of a ‘Cell’ and ‘Association’ was also very timely and helped to clarify the doubts in the minds of the members.

Reuben then meticulously took us through the relationship between these gifts and also explained the important aspects and meaning of the Apostolic Letter ‘Iuvenescit Ecclesia’ (The Church Rejuvenates). The Training ended with a prayer service.

The training truly ‘rejuvenated’ us spiritually, to carry on our ministry through our cells and associations.