The entire ministry of the OLCM is animated by a team of 30 dedicated staff. This staff is made up of lay people, animated by a Priest. A conscious option has been made to ensure that the very way the OLCM functions is a sterling testimony to the capabilities and dedication of the lay faithful.

The OLCM staff is trained through the IMFE that has offered them an experience of authentic collaborative ministry. With this background, the OLCM Animators are allotted a few parishes close to where they live, including their own, in order to implement the programme of the OLCM. These Animators attend monthly meetings at which pastoral priorities are discussed, plans are centrally formulated, and parishes are allotted to Animators to conduct sessions at the people’s convenience. After sessions are conducted a review is taken and feedback examined. The positive suggestions that people make are incorporated in the next plan.

OLCM Core Team

IMFE Graduation fr-aniceto-pereira
Fr. Aniceto Pereira
+ 91 99200-85060
Adrian Rosario Melwyn Sequeira
Adrian Rosario Melwyn Sequeira Rohini D’Souza
+91 98200-01439 +91 98195-85747 +91 96195-97709


Inacin Fernandes Jaime da Fonseca Ligia da Fonseca
Inacin Fernandes Jaime da Fonseca Ligia da Fonseca
+91 98196-01562 +91 92232-73045 +91 92222-17906
Cynthia D'Souza Anand Castellino Reuben Fronteiro
Cynthia D’Souza Anand Castellino Rueben Fronteiro
+91 98203-36061 +91 98211-33032 +91 98204-93712
Michael Fernandez George Andrade Judith Mital
Michael Fernandez
George Andrade Judith Mital
+91 98214-17982  +91 98211-86306 +91 98693-39765
Jennifer Kolhatkar Diana Gudino
Jennifer Kolhatkar Pamela Lowe Diana Gudino
+91 98203-38462 +91 +91 98208 25295
Johnson Saldanha Marie Fernandes
Lelith D’Souza Johnson Saldanha Marie Fernandes
+91 98202-25715 +91 98206-21121 +91 22-65291689
Mary-Joseph Thomas Thennath Walter Fernandes
 Mary Joseph Thomas Theknath Walter Fernandes
+91 92234-89227 +91 98200-51898 +91 98205-77678
  Maritta Pereira Lebrun Nevis
Juliet D’Souza Maritta Pereira Lebrun Nevis
+91 98923-75848 +91 90298 39436 +91 93214-42045
Christine Thomas Monica Rodrigues Jacintha Vales
Christine Thomas Monica Rodrigues Jacinta Vales
+91 99200-95602 +91 99305 87317 +91 98206-54369
 john-misquitta  Nathaline Buthelo L
John Misquitta Nathaline Buthelo Thomas Rego
+91 99674-52034 +91 93225 15000 +91 98208 85675