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Office For Lay Collaboration In Ministry

The lay apostolate, individual or collective, must be set in its true place within the apostolate of the whole Church. Union with those whom the Holy Spirit has appointed to rule the Church of God (cf.acts 20:28) is an essential element of the Christian Apostolate. Not less necessary is the collaboration among the different undertakings of the apostolate; it is the hierarchy’s place to put proper system into this collaboration. (AA,23) -Vatican II Decree on the Laity.

Spiritual Director's Message

The month of October in the Church has a focus on “Mission”, and “Mission Sunday”. The Church is missionary by nature, and she invites everyone to be engaged in God’s mission.

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OLCM News Desk

IMFE Alumni Meet

The IMFE (Institute for Ministry of Faith Enrichment) is a course that has groomed enthusiastic Catholic individuals from almost all the parishes of the Archdiocese of Bombay for the past 18 years, to be effective coordinators of different ministries and associations....

OLCl Training Sessions July to September 2017

Every year OLCM conducts various training sessions across all Deaneries in Mumbai. 2017 midyear topic was ‘BREAKING BARRIERS TO BUILD BRIDGES - A Call to Encounter and Embrace the Poor’.  The topic was carefully planned following the message from His Holiness Pope...

Meditation for the Day

The Grace of Suffering

In our suffering, we collaborate with Christ for the salvation of the world. Our suffering is therefore anything but random and meaningless. It is cosmically restorative, even though it may be a horrible burden to the sufferer. John Paul di…

Mother Mary Knows Your Voice

Mother Mary knows each voice singularly. She hears the call, perceives the need, and rushes to her child’s side. This sweet Mother of mercy and grace will be there for her children in all dangers, difficulties, needs, doubts, and fears.

Saint of the Day

Blessed William Carter

St. Andrew's and Blessed George Haydock's Catholic Church, Cottam, Lancashire, UK
Image: St. Andrew’s and Blessed George Haydock’s Catholic Church | Cottam, Lancashire, UK. (Blessed William Carter was one of their companions).

Blessed William Carter

Saint of the Day for January 11

(c. 1548 – January 11, 1584)


Blessed William Carter’s Story

Born in London, William Carter entered the printing business at an early age. For many years he served as apprentice to well-known Catholic printers, one of whom served a prison sentence for persisting in the Catholic faith. William himself served time in prison following his arrest for “printing lewd [i.e., Catholic] pamphlets” as well as possessing books upholding Catholicism.

But even more, he offended public officials by publishing works that aimed to keep Catholics firm in their faith. Officials who searched his house found various vestments and suspect books, and even managed to extract information from William’s distraught wife. Over the next 18 months, William remained in prison, suffering torture and learning of his wife’s death.

He was eventually charged with printing and publishing the Treatise of Schisme, which allegedly incited violence by Catholics and which was said to have been written by a traitor and addressed to traitors. While William calmly placed his trust in God, the jury met for only 15 minutes before reaching a verdict of guilty. William, who made his final confession to a priest who was being tried alongside him, was hanged, drawn, and quartered the following day: January 11, 1584.

He was beatified in 1987.


It didn’t pay to be Catholic in Elizabeth I’s realm. In an age when religious diversity did not yet seem possible, it was high treason, and practicing the faith was dangerous. William gave his life for his efforts to encourage his brothers and sisters to keep up the struggle. These days, our brothers and sisters also need encouragement—not because their lives are at risk, but because many other factors besiege their faith. They look to us.