Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay and Bishop-in-charge of the laity, Bishop Dominic Savio Fernandes, presided over the 17th Graduation Day of the IMFE Course on 20th March 2016 in the Salvation Kendra Hall, Dadar at 5 p.m. The evening began with a keynote address by Fr. (Dr.) Anthony Dias S.J., Professor of Sociology in St. Xavier’s College who, in a very lucid style, clarified for the gathering the meaning of the word “development” and the challenge faced by our country in steering a proper course towards inclusive development. He also explored the challenge faced by the Church in India to contribute to the development of the nation in the present-day scenario, which is evidently not very positive. This was followed by an interesting interaction particularly between Fr. Anthony and various Archdiocesan Commission and Association Heads.

The second part of the programme, the graduation ceremony proper, began with the graduates solemnly entering the hall with Commission and Association flags. Deepa Paul then addressed the gathering on behalf of the graduates, testifying to the very positive impact the course had on all the participants. They also came together on the stage to sing a song articulating their sentiments as satisfied “achievers” enabled by God’s grace. Fr. Aniceto Pereira, Director of the Course, in his speech, acknowledged that one of the primary objectives of the Course was to help the graduates understand and manage the different relationships that they need to have as their ministry unfolds, especially with the ordained ministers, with their colleagues, with heads of other Cells and Associations, with grassroots people, etc. He then vouched for the growth of all the graduates during the year, and invited Bishop Savio to confidently award them their diplomas.

So each of the graduates came up to the podium, and made a promise, before the gathering, of continuing to lead his or her ministerial team in the effective implementation of pastoral objectives of the Cell or Association. Then each of them went up to the stage, bare feet, and first received a service towel from their respective Commission Heads, and then the diplomas from Bishop Savio. When all the graduates received their awards, a very meaningful prayer service, based on the call to service inspired by the episode of the wedding feast of Cana, added to the sanctity of the moment. In his homilette, Bishop Savio encouraged the Graduates to continue to serve in collaboration with ordained ministers in the Church, so that everyone, the priests, lay people and the religious can experience the joy of evangelization.

The entire programme was brought to a close by Melwyn Sequeira, Secretary of the OLCM, with a comprehensive vote of thanks.

Hearty Congratulations to all the graduates!


1 BCS : Jane Rodrigues 1
2 Commission for Communication : Vishal Kotian 2
3 CFC : Paul Kurian 3
Deepa Kurian 4
4 Commission for Justice and Peace (CCO)  : Sr. Maryann SHM 5
Sr. Elsa DHM 6
5 Commission for the Family : Veronica Nazareth 7
6 Commission for Health : Noella Colaco 8
7 Commission for IRD : Maria D’Souza 9
8 Lawyers  Guild : Walter Lewis 10
9 Prison Ministry : Sr. Jean Athikalam 11
10 Committee for Small Christian Communities : Flavy D’Souza 12
11 Senior Citizen’s Association (BASCA) : Capt. Mackinno D’Silva 13
Maxima Serrao 14
12 Commission for Women : Sennena Fernandes 15
13 Commission for Word and Worship
Bible : Boniface D’Souza 16
Catechetics : Patricia Fernandes 17
Shefalle Karanjikar 18
Liturgy : Natty Farro 19
Jennifer Fernandes 20
Robin Lewis 21